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Geoff Livingston

Yes, MyRagan has lost a lot inertia. I think it's because it truly is a closed network with semi-controlled content.

Kevin Dugan

Geoff - I'm rooting for them, but I fear you are correct.

Eric Eggertson

I've never really known what to do with my LinkedIn account. Like you said, other than as a place to store contact information, there didn't seem to be much else.

Glad to see they're making it a bit more relevant. Big question for me, why wouldn't they have made it more relevant before? The opportunity to lock people into the network was there, but they didn't seem to do anything with it...

Eric Eggertson

P.S. That photo didn't quite make me LOL, but I was grinning!

Guillaume du Gardier

I'd like to add to your point that the way people connect on LinkedIn or Facebook might be considered differently. I mean that there might be a different level of "connection value "between one or another: I don't mind if I am accepting a new contact in my LinkedIn account as soon as I know at least who the request maker is, if I am familiar with his name, or if at least I heard about him once positively.
The story is different for FaceBook. I'll never connect on FaceBook with someone I have not developped a specific relationship with, either online of IRL. It often happens that I get a friendship request from someone I just don't remember and to whom I then send an email asking him where we met and why, before making the decision to connect with him.
So I wonder if these era of social networks is not also going to bring some changes to the "value" of connections.


Interesting discussion. Great point that Guillaume makes .. we are using these networks differently. Guillaume, why do you only connect with people you 'know' on Facebook, while on LinkedIn it's ok for the person to be part of an extended network? Do you perceive Facebook a more 'social/friend' experience, where you can let loose a bit more, while LinkedIn is more business related?

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