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Valeria Maltoni

Be proud. Go green. Get real. I love the retro look as in going back to basics, which is probably the unifying message of your proposal. These are all messages that would attract the demographics the town is trying to reach. They would also make the basis for a very nice series of stories and articles on helping preserve our natural resources as we enjoy them.

Lewis Green


I think you identified a number of unique message points the will help Estes Park identify both its messaging and its audiences. Good work!

Patrick Schaber

You nailed one aspect that stuck out to me through this exercise. Estes needs to stand up and "BE" that Colorado destination. They have all the amenities - they just need to show more pride in their imaging and messaging.

Martin Jelsema

I think you've nailed it, as have the other bloggers participating in the BrandingWire. They're too low key, not prideful about what Estes Park itself has to offer. They can easily differentiate themselves as a destination. They'll need to review and align their messages and delivery systems.



As a travel editor, I have to say this is one of the better branding exercises I've seen because it "keeps it real" on so many levels. A lot of destinations try to manufacture attractions--either literally or figuratively--in an attempt to create a new buzz about a place. So they're pitching a brand that's not very authentic and the word of mouth is bad because the flavor was synthetic with the visitors who came and went. Remember too that travel writers/editors are always looking for a good angle that sets a place apart and "back to the real Colorado" is quite appropriate in these Sprawlsville, McMansion times.

Kevin Dugan

Lujo and Brandingwire crew - Thanks for stopping by and adding your perspectives.

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amazing work guys:) keep it up....

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