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scott baradell

Condoms and GGW??

That's SIN-ergy, baby!

Colin McKay

Good for 5WPR. I know they have the staying power to help this client pull through.

I think Ronn's shop is especially known for diving into messy situations and helping the client come out smelling like (massengill) roses

Geoff Livingston

Man. What to say...
Really, I can't if we're going to keep it PG.

Flacky McFlack

Pubic relations?

Kevin Dugan

To answer Geoff and Flacky, it is a hairy situation, but a little creativity can stretch a long way. To answer McKay and Baradell, I'll take a check swing.

scott baradell

I hear Ronn never leaves the house without a raincoat, always puts his leftovers in a cellophane wrapper, wears a hat named jimmie, and likes to rubber people the wrong way.


Kevin Dugan

You forgot to insert a joke about column inches. But yes, that's enough.

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