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Colin McKay

Speaking of starbucks, I like the quote from the Chinese television anchor that helped drive the chain out of the Forbidden City:

"I was having lunch with an Indian person today, and I said, 'Would you Indians allow a Starbucks to be inside the Taj Mahal?' And he said, 'No, of course not, we would never let that happen.' "

"The Forbidden City," Rui added, "is not an airport."

Kevin Dugan

These are good problems for a company to have, eh?


Radar Online provides a blow-by-blow diary of the Malkoff fiasco here: http://radaronline.com/features/2007/07/starbucks_manhattan_diary_1.php

Geoff Livingston

You'd have to say it's good, though bad for heart pressure.

Lewis Green

I find this interesting because in the late '90s when I worked for Starbucks in Seattle, Manhattan claimed 224 Starbucks. Could Mark have over-caffeinated and gone in circles around numbur 25 or 30?


Wait... he spent less than $2 at each Starbucks, if you count the $80 pound cake? How is that possible? Even gum there is like $1.99 plus tax...

Whether or not it's good PR depends on how Starbucks wants to position their message, no?

Colin, I LOVE the Forbidden city anecdote. Hilarious!

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