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Colin McKay

I'd like to chip in:

Give your references your current C.V (the one you used to apply for the job), the want ad or job description for the position you're chasing, and any detail on the status of the job hunt.

That way, your references know which points to reinforce and which to let slip.

Daniel Johnson, Jr.

I felt a little twinge when I read this because I know I've been guilty of putting someone down as a reference without asking them beforehand.

I'd like to think I'm doing a better job of that lately, as I've been building and staying in touch with people in my network.

Great post.

Lewis Green


Great advice and a practice I faithfully follow. However, not everyone does, as evidenced by the occasional call I receive from recruiters saying I have been used as a reference for [name]. When something like that comes out of the blue, the job seeker using me needs to hope I can answer questions off the top of my head. Why hope when a simple e-mail prepares me?

Katie G

I am waiting for the day when people directly list/link to their 'Recommendations' on their LinkedIn profile as their references on paper.

Always interesting how PR and HR can cross lines...

Rob P-nucci

Nice post! Seems obvious, but many, many people just keep refs listed on their resumes and assume they'll vouch. Always a good idea to send the ref an updated resume and, crazy thought, TALK to them prior to getting the dreaded HR 20 questions call.

Kevin Dugan

Great comments everyone, thanks for jumping in.

Rob - I agree that the surprise of being contacted, added to the chore of answering 20 questions in the middle of the work day does not bode well for the candidate.

Katie - Interesting idea, but I don't know if I would want my contact info out there on someone else's profile. LinkedIn would need to be the mediator and make it a blind process between HR and the person serving as reference perhaps.

Colin - It makes great sense to align your qualifications with the job in question with the reference prior. As Lewis notes, it can even be done via email. My view of your skills may be good, but it would be even better if I served this up based on the position in question.

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