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Sarah Wurrey

Great point, Kevin. I posted a blog yesterday on the importance of proofing, but didn't consider that photos and other graphics can contain errors as well. Thanks for the important reminder!


I don't believe for a moment that someone didn't know this was going out. Look at the ink they're generating, plus the colector's status of the card once the reprint goes out.

Also not that Topps management statement said they thought it was funny. No disciplinary action is expected. Basically, no harm, no foul.

Sound like the way you'd be treated? How's 'bout that poor slob at NCR?

Kevin Dugan

On the no disciplinary action, it depends. Not every CEO would can someone over a typo. I know of two that have not done so...granted their fly wasn't down.

But you raise a good point on this being a true typo. It's interesting to see the conspiracy theory emerge quickly when anything like this hits the news. Healthy skepticism is an important trait to have.

Regardless of whether this was a scheme or a flub, the need for prooflooking is still valid.

Donna Papacosta

Excellent point, Kevin. I remember many years ago, when a client showed me the proofs of a newsletter I had written. Normally I wasn't involved in the production process after submitting my copy. But I had asked to see the proof. Good thing. My article about an employee with cancer featured a sidebar. The designer had chosen an odd shape to graphically illustrate the sidebar. To my eyes, it resembled a tombstone. Not a good choice. Fortunately, we had the time to change it.

After that, I was involved in the proofing of every issue.

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