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Colin McKay

There's something worse - usually inflicted by admin assistants and people who will describe you as "having a bad case of the Mondays" - and that's embedded backgrounds and fonts.

Nothing like an email with poor colour or an embedded style sheet that screws up your Outlook settings!


p30p13 \/\/|-|0 53|\|d \/3|2y 10|\|9
p4|249|24p|-|5 i|\| 0\/3|21y (0|\|7|2i\/3 1337.

And slammers!!!

seth godin

I got one today. The entire sig was

"Wag more, bark less."

I liked it.

Kevin Dugan

Seth - Thanks for stopping by. Less is definitely more.

Mike Manuel

Dude, i saw one the other day with a quote from Yoda. Yoda!?

Donna Papacosta

Good one, Kevin! I'm also a big fan of the attached vCard with the sender's birthday in there. I'm gonna send all those guys a card.

Kevin Dugan

Mike: Lame that is, yes.

Donna: Did the v-card also have gift suggestions?

Eric Eggertson

My kids, my mother, my closest friends and my spouse have licence to pollute my inbox with drivel.

Everyone else loses points the more crud they include in their signature.

Neville Hobson

>> i saw one the other day with a quote from Yoda. Yoda!?

Mike, back in the day, I used to have Yoda's best quote as my email sig. You know the one - "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

Great quote. Did anybody care? Of course not.

The worst email sigs are the ones with embedded graphic files. I never see those as my email is set to display all email as plain text, but they still come as file attachments. And people who include those useless VCF files with every email, not just their first sends but also every reply.

Bloody nuisance.

Kevin Dugan

Neville: The worst part about these offenders is that I often think they are also sending me an attachment when it is simply their sig file. Information overload and a memory issue longterm.

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