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Bob Woolsey

I have a Mountain Dew question about who to contact about Mountain Dew Customer Service on what I think was a bad bottle of Mountain Dew. How do I contact them? You can e-mail me at bobwoolsey@yahoo.com

Maxine Kuderer

I purchased a 12 pack of Mountain Dew and two of the cans are half empty. Who do I contact with my complaint, You can contact me at mmkuderer@aol.com

Eric Blachford

I sent in for 30 nfl caps for the caps for caps promotion. I only received 2 caps total. I was wondering when the remainging hats will be sent out.


I object to your recent violent tv commercial. Many of us try to protect our children from violence. This is unacceptable.


i purchased a 20oz at a vending machine near where i live it tasted kinda odd. I went to put a game code from under that cap from old school new school the site said the game was over. I checked the date of the dew thing something wasn't right the soda has a date of nov/17/08 that's a rather old soda. I think something needs to be done about this who it the right person to converse with...

Karn Nye

My husband drinks about 3 or 4 6 packs of mt dew a week. here lately we have discovered that the bottlecaps are impossible to open unless you have a pair of pliers on hand to assist you, can you explain why they have put them on there so tight. I hope you can resolve this for us so we don't have to switch to something that is easier to open. We have talked to several others who have had this problem as well they are thinking of switching too.

Betty Dockens

The last three purchases of mountain dew I bought tasted horrible. Like drinking soda water. No flavor just fizz. You have a manufactoring problem. Purchases were not from the same source.

dan ryan azarcon

i have a bottle of mountain dew with candy wrapper inside if you want to see it give me your email address...thank you


sunday afternoon and winter dew tour is on ---incredible ski jumping artistry ----then Mt Dew is sponsoring or is part of the "macklemore" crap that led into a commercial. that is the most annoying garbage (yet another white guy jumping around) ---I even wasted my time and went online to see what the 150 mph lyrics were.
Lyrics included "I'm a(n) I N D E P E N D E N T shit hustler" ---I am a 59 yr old, open-minded, liberal. But this Rapshit has got to go...I will not buy another mt dew drink until I am assured mt dew does not sponsor that annoying, meaningless so-called music. It's annoying, often offensive, and offensive or not, it's monotonous. I suppose Mt Dew targets a younger age group when sponsoring this incredible skiing artistry. Guess I will no longer watch Dew Tour programming no more Diet Dew for me....not until you quit sponsoring crap....macklemore W

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