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Mr. Rug

"Holy crap. That blondes boob is touching my shoulder. This is so cool. Don't get a chub!!! Don't get a chub!! Look down. Crap --I can see down her shirt"


So many software upgrades, so little time...

Andrea Weckerle

"Um, no, it says they're cheap and ..." Well done, Kevin.

Colin McKay


I believe the correct expression is "HOOT". Or, in this case - HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOT HOOt

Maggie Fox

"Melinda is going to kill me."

This actually reminds me of one of the Best Blogs Ever: Ron's Big Happy Funhouse - he posts old pictures, and readers add captions. Hi-larious.

Todd Van Hoosear

Later that evening, Warren would fire his personal assistant over the slight misunderstanding. "She didn't have enough of an eye for detail," he said in a statement. "She was great at dotting the eyes, but sometimes forgot to cross the Ts."

I dunno. help me out here.


iPhone? Do I look like I care about iPhone?

Adam Zand

Once again, my PR agency lets me down - where the f@*& is my swim suit?

Kevin Dugan

Well, Topaz may get an honorable mention...even though quantity of comments does not equal quality. ;-)

Kevin Dugan

Speaking of quantity, we had this anonymous submission via email:
"Don't look down. Don't look down"

Bill: "I've always enjoyed the feel of satin hotpants under some thick flannel pants..."

"Jesus. Look at the rack on the photographer's assistant."

"Is that Steve Rubel?"

Warren:"I foresee rapid growth in the short term ... In my pants."

Bill: "Any you ladies want a slightly used Acer Ferrari laptop?"

Does this eat for free card include the "specials"?

Steve jobs: "the only way Gates can get in the paper is by flashing rack. Woz has nicer tits than the girl on the right."

Kevin Dugan

So I think the anonymous comments get first place. But I do not want anyone crying foul. So I will extend two grand prizes in the spirit of détente.

Congratulations to Maggie Fox at Social Media Group for her caption: "Melinda is going to kill me."

Maggie Fox

Thanks - do I win something? Like a billion dollars, maybe?

I'd like that.

Adam Zand

Congrats to Maggie!
I'm a very poor loser (too many years of following the Red Sox), so I'm taking my creative caption juices over to this juicy Strumpette contest.

Amanda Chapel

For the record, our prize is $500!

- Amanda

Kevin Dugan

Strumpette's purse is indeed richer than this one.

Maggie wins some tchotchkes. Kinda like Valleyschwag, only not really at all.

Ms. Fox, send me an email with your mailing address.

Adam, study up if you want to win the Wagged money. Perhaps a dirty limerick or a blue haiku?


Being in tech, I'm thinking computer-ese. What rhymes with "bits?"

Dee Rambeau

better late than never, so...

"Warren makes a mental note to self: take a 2nd look at Dow Chemical stock performance now that the silicon ban is over..."


With a nod to Sesame Street...

"One of these things is NOT like the others..."

Kevin Dugan

Ike - Well done. But you'll get no cash from this competition. We don't have a big agency sponsor and the prizes have been awarded anyway.

Used Refurbished Laptops

Acer is in the top 5, and I thought about that when writing the statement, what I am really talking about is known to consumers, and I was thinking about those people who generally go to buy a computer at a physical store/aren’t too involved in technology. Also I’m talking more about the US where people recognize Sony, HP, Dell, and others before Acer. I might edit the statement in my review if I have a chance so it better reflects that.

Eugene Limousines

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