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Angela Natividad

Oh how I laughed. Thanks for sharing, Kevin =)

constantine nyanzero

when i finished my A Level iwent to South Africa for a vacation with my aunt who lives there,it was there that i first tasted the rich taste of smirnoff ice, i was shocked that people made such pure pleasure being used to the largers common in my zimbabwe,i also learnt about the smirnoff parties but was hugely disappointed that no such events happened in zim.
i wolud like to be a part of such parties.but if it were in this country the organisation and guest list arrangement i think would have to differ from the norm,here those who really know how to have fun without posing are the underpriviliged students mostly who know how to get it down but its unfortunate that when such occasion sarise they do not have the money to attend such events what are you as the markrting department of smirnoff doing to promoye your uniquely distilled liqour to the masses of tertiary of age students who will be the big spenders of tommorrow?

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