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Lucas McDonnell

I enjoy this "Five Things Meme" quite a bit. It's fun to go around to different sites and read things about people that you would otherwise have no idea about.

Angus Whines

I'm so sorry you had to go through something like that, good on you for sharing it in this meme.

On a lighter note, NDD seems to be spreading amongst men rapidly...

Kevin Dugan

Angus: Thanks for the note. So you're telling me I can blame NDD on my sex?! What a relief.

Kevin G

How do you get in on this meme? I followed from Pete's post and plan to keep going. Brilliant idea.

Kevin Dugan

Kevin: Thanks for stopping by. Consider yourself officially tagged. Just be sure you keep spreading the meme.

John Wagner

Kevin, thanks for sharing what must be a difficult topic for you to think or talk about.

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