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Taran Rampersad (aka Nobody Fugazi)

Prok didn't mention the overuse of textures, overuse of scripts, etc. And the bling stuff, while particles don't cause lag - the listening devices do (and if you type 'bling on' to turn on your bling, it's a listening device). All of these little things add up. Designing a presence in SL is a lot like the web. Just because you have a T1 plugged into the back of your machine doesn't mean that everyone has one. Use your head. Test on slower connections if possible. Ask people who visit. Seriously.

Doing marketing focus groups is fine, I suppose, but the reality is that if you don't sell the item in SL - the one you're marketing - you have to 'bait the hook' to attract the right demographic yourself. Why? Very few people connect who they are in RL with who they are in SL, and very few items crossover well. Nissans coming from a dispenser are a nice gimmick, but I doubt Nissan expects their cars flying out of the dealerships because of that. Setting realistic expectations is always necessary.


Fascinating blog. I think the focus groups are a good idea, but think the media form won't be condusive towards old school focus groups. Perhaps an online chat with avatars, online anonymous bulletin board, or a an anonymous research mechanism would work better.

Taran Rampersad (aka Nobody Fugazi)

I put something together over here which extends on this.

Kevin Dugan

Taran and DofAm - Thanks for jumping in. I think there are a lof of good questions that need asking. One of the reasons I like this list is that a lot of it is pretty pragmatic stuff and none of it would be lost on someone that actually jumped in and spent some time in Second Life.

I've not spent a ton of time in SL and this list made sense to me based just on the brief experiences I've had.

Thanks again.


I would love to see how SL would stand up to Home, from PS3.


I would love to see how SL would stand up to Home, from PS3.

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