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Amanda Chapel

The real story is NOT that Edleman has been duplicitous, it's that the rest of the PR blogerati have until recently given them a pass.

John Wagner has it, “Strumpette has been saying it for months to much criticism, but it's true -- there is an inherent disconnect between being a professional services organization that represents clients and open, honest communication about said clients.”

- Amanda


It's true, stories can blow up on the blogosphere over night. I just had a client get fantastic online ink to the point that their server bays were overloaded. Documented it on my blog at http://diary-of-an-ad-man.blogspot.com.



Richard's apology doesn't really read like an apology. If they helped write online guidelines for transparency then why didn't they follow them with the Wal-Mart blog? That's the explanation I'd like to see.

And his cut and paste defense in his comments is kind of annoying, like a record that's skipping (do people even remember record players?).

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