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Kevin - Thanks for another great post cautioning against the quick trigger and not beating up on the "new guy" so to speak. As we have both seen online, there is sometimes the temptation to pick apart anything new rather than welcome it. But at the end of the day we should support corporations (and individuals) that decide to take the risk and open themselves up directly to criticism and honest opinions online. Eventually this transparency will help to curb the criticism - and drive more companies to see blogging as a strong communications tactic, rather than a risk not worth taking.

J S Sai

Kevin. A great post with a razor-sharp perspective. Yes, you are absolutely right. To err is human, as the saying goes.

Being a public relations professional in India, I have been reading your posts with great interest... Please keep up the good work...


All excellent points, Kevin... I think we need to get over ourselves a little. Reputation does not change overnight, or with the arrival of a single blog. Like any other relationship-building exercise, it takes time, engagement, and a degree of trust built between the parties involved. I'll use the example of Katie Paine's post about Hill & Knowlton (http://kdpaine.blogs.com/kdpaines_pr_m/2006/06/some_really_goo.html)as an example that perception doesn't change overnight, but over time, and one individual at a time.


In retrospect, I'm sure that Dell wishes that they did more to have tested and prevented this from ever becoming a problem, blogs or no blogs.

I came across this article about how Dell could have done more to predict the problem and take more drastic actions to fix it early on. It looks as though this has cost them a bit on the public opinion front. It’s a good read.


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I think that transparency within a corporation is essential, as it can help to 'humanise' what is otherwise a faceless entity.

The blog approach helps to bring about this humanising, but I notice that the link you gave no longer works... maybe they gave up??


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