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A. J. Roth

On Saturday, May 17, 2008, my wife purchased a bottle of Old Spice Cologne for me which cost $9.99 + tax. The Old Spice Cologne box contained a small cheap plastic bottle with 2.5 fluid ounces of cologne. I've been using Old Spice Cologne since college, and am now sixty years of age. I was completely shocked by this cheap marketing gimmick to take advantage of consumers. Someone might think you're selling oil instead of cologne. Your R&D and Marketing Departments are in need of major change. I will never again purchase or use Old Spice Cologne. I'm also going to avoid other P & G products, as your company's ethics are now in question. Your are a major dissappointment.

Joseph Wharton

I agree with Mr. Roth. I'm 30 years old and have been using Old Spice products since 7th grade. My loyalty to the product was based on two factors: first, the brand's reputation for quality and value, secondly, I just love the scent. Since the Old Spice brand was acquired by P&G the quality of the product has plummeted. Although P&G will deny it until they're blue in the face, it is impossible not to notice that the Old Spice of today smells nothing like the original formula. Until a few years ago, I was lucky enough to have several bottles of the original formula which had been part of a case stored in my father's cold storage business. These bottles dated from the mid 1980's, and were in excellent condition because they had been stored unopened in a dark, cool environment. Everyone who compared them with the Proctor and Gamble product agreed that there was a marked difference between the two. The original formula had a higher concentration of perfume oils and was complex, rich and spicy. The P&G Old Spice, while somewhat reminiscent of the real thing, has a somewhat sickening "diaper-like" powderiness to it. The former depth and complex notes of the classic fragrance are missing, and you are left with a diluted potion that just screams "Cheap!" To make matters worse, P&G has recently decided to replace the iconic milk-glass bottles with a hideously cheap plastic imitation. They have succeeded entirely in destroying a treasured American icon, once revered for it's quality, value and dignity. To add insult to injury, this new plastic bottle costs more than the glass bottle! So not only is P&G content to smack Old Spice's loyal consumers in the face, but they are also hitting them where it hurts...the wallet. Yes, the once revered Old Spice ship (formerly replaced by P&G with a sailing yacht...another disgrace) seems to be taking on quite a bit of water these days, thanks fully to Proctor and Gamble who seem bent on destroying this once mighty product in the name of greed and stupidity. If I were A.G. Lafley, I would fire the entire marketing division and work on restoring consumer confidence; but that seems unlikely to ever happen. Although I hate to say it, I will never again purchase an Old Spice product. I will continue to seek out any remaining old stock from the days when it was made by Shulton. Once that stock runs out, I will seek a new scent that, unlike the new Old Spice, still puts forth an air of dignity.

Joel Fernandez

Old Spice made a big mistake switching to plastic. The new bottles look so cheap. I don't understand why they would do something like this to a product that has been so successful. A bottle of Old Spice has been on my dresser since I was a kid, but I won't be buying the new bottles. Splashing cologne out of a plastic bottle makes me feel like a cheap sleazeball or adult film actor. Besides, look at the new terminology on the cologne bottle, it now says "Cologne Splash." They had to put this on because not only did they cheapen the bottle, but they cheapened the fragrance as well. "Cologne" contains between 2-5% aromatic compounds. "Cologne Splash" contains 0.5-2%. That's not a good way to treat your customers Old Spice! You're trying to pass off an all around cheaper product on us, after you raise the price and lie to us about not changing the formula. All I can say to you is "NO THANK YOU!"

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