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Mark Reyland

We are the shop that created the 3D wrap appliques. We do a lot of work for advertising agencies and after listening to them complain about the "Me too" technology they have to go into the clients with we started looking at how we could develop a mobile marketing product for this century. Taking a lead from the old Nappa baseball caps, and the Terminex bug, we started engineering a process for using 3D on a vehicle in conjunction with a wrap. My question to you is...since I'm not in the Mobile Marketing industry, or the vehicle wrap industry for that matter - What impact do you think this can have if the process is clean and the price stays within 50% of standard 2D wraps?

Thanks for your thoughts...

Mark Reyland

Mark Reyland

Vehicle Wraps Go 3D!

The vehicle wrap industry has grown steadily for the last 20 years. Few would argue that it is not an effective form of brand advertising. Even fewer would argue that the advances made in the technology have gone largely unnoticed by the advertisers who so openly embraced it. That is, until now - Creative 3D, a Cincinnati based creative arts company has developed a patent pending process for the three-dimensionalizion of printed vehicle wraps. Virtually any image can be made into a three dimensional appliqué and applied to a vehicle without physically altering it. The possibilities are endless!

After months of development and testing, Creative 3D joined forces with Interstate Graphics and Installation Services, LLC, of Rosholt, Wisconsin. A recognized leader in the vehicle wrap industry, Interstate Graphics was a natural choice for the 3D vehicle wrap pilot project. A fleet of seven Saturn SKY roadsters for the brand Mentos would be the first venture ever to use this groundbreaking approach. Each vehicle was customized with three-dimensional candies, lettering, and even a 36-inch long roll of Mentos. Ryan Flom of INNOVA marketing, the brand manager, couldn’t have been happier! “What really makes these new 3D vehicle wraps exciting is their wow factor; it literally makes people walk across a parking lot just to touch it, and in advertising, that’s huge!” says Flom.

“The two dimensional graphics are simply not enough to get noticed any longer” says Paul Olson, CEO of Interstate Graphics. “After 25 years, much of the public has become desensitized to them; this new approach will carry the industry for years to come”. A veteran of the vinyl graphics and sign business, Interstate’s Paul Olson goes on to say “I started over 25 years ago when vehicle wraps were in their infancy, and I can tell you 3D vehicle wraps will breath new life into vinyl wraps, and best of all, it isn’t going to break the bank to have the coolest vehicle on the street.”

“3D Vehicle wraps will be the new standard in mobile marketing,” says Mark Reyland, President of Creative 3D. “and we look forward to our continued collaboration with Interstate Graphics as they spearhead the effort to bring this exciting new technology to the marketplace.”

Images available at www.innovativebrand.com


This sort of thing has been around for awhile. Driving around the country, there's no visible surge in 3D wraps.


Cassandra Marcole

Every time a product was launched in the public like food and drinks, car ad displays or moving billboards are sometimes taking a parade to see the people what is this. Using the striking designs like enlarged bottle of soft drinks will help the launch of that product.

mobile marketing

Hmm, that's because it is not yet used effectively by businesses. Since it is a new type of marketing, companies are still on a trial-and-error testing stage. If they have the best people in this marketing plan, they can go a long way. And it sends a message to everyone that it can be done. :)

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