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Constantin Basturea

Kevin, I'm not sure I understand your argument about the survey having a "good sample". Could you please offer more details?

Kevin Dugan

Constantin - It's not an argument, just an opinion based on PR math. Media Map tracks more than 1600 bloggers in their database. The survey had more than 800 responses. This number of responses to an online survey seems pretty high based on my brief, anecdotal experience with online surveys.

Now I assume the survey respondents are not the same ones tracked via Media Map, but I am willing to bet there is some crossover.

Many research reports I see covered in the media and online make broad claims based on tiny sample sizes. I think this sample size is big enough that you can read the results with equal parts confidence and caution. And yes, I type this knowing that the number of blogs, and therefore bloggers, is in the millions..even if you take away the ones that are inactive.

I'm sure we'll learn more when the final report and stats are published.

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