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Jeremy Pepper

As much as it pains me - and it pains me a lot - I am on the side of Ochman.

I was saving Character Blogs for my next cluelesstrain post, but here was part of that post responding to others and the Captain Morgan Blog.

How about this reason for the Captain to stop blogging - um, the NCAA Basketball championship is over? The Final Four has been crowned, and that was the real tie-in.

The blog did work considering it was a new venture - no one's really done that before and these hormone raging 14-24 year olds 'did' like it to a large degree ... hey, it had T&A ... booze and basketball

And, you know, the real reason these character blogs don't work is because the writing is sub-par. If Jack from Jack in the Box starts blogging – and is as creative and well-written as his commercials – I will be reading that blog religiously.

I might still use it, but I'm waiting for a new character blog to be unveiled first. :-)

Eric Rice

Has anyone touched on the fact that in the event that if Travelocity's gnome needs to blog, he (They) could Flickr it?

Kevin Dugan

Jeremy - You should still add your two cents, I'm sure we will be seeing another character blog sooner or later.

Eric - Sure. Flickr and cellphones create endless possibilities for blogs...travel blogs in particular.

Jeremy Pepper

Hell, if Travelocity is looking for a gnome-like person to do it, I am short, and I have had to dress up in costumes for Ofoto (OfotoMan!!). And, I take really good photos, trained by some great photographers!

Man, I am all over this!

Justin Gardner

Anybody ever heard of Maddox, the angry pirate? I would argue that's a "character." In fact, it's one of the most religiously read blogs in the world. True, it's not a corporate character, but if you could create character blogs that opine on pop culture, you'd have a bonafide winner. Could Burger King's Subservient Chicken start blogging about all the things people have done to he/she?

I have a basic rule for any good marketing communications. They to be suprising, timely and relevant. If you have all three of those ingredients, what form they come in simply doesn't matter.

Susan Getgood

There seem to be two schools of thought on this. One is that under no circumstances should a character blog exist because it isn't a real person, and a blogger must be a living person. And the ones to date have been lame, according to this school of thought, which is a further black mark against the character blog.

The other opinion (mine, full disclosure) is that we have to separate the form of the character blog from the content of the character blog. There is nothing inherently wrong with a character blog, just as there is nothing wrong with an anonymous blog. Neither are "real" people that we can point to in the "real" world, but both may fill a need for their intended audience. The content of the blog -- lame, great, fun, boring, whatever -- is judged by the audience for whom the blog was developed. A 7 year old girl may LOVE Barbie's blog. Doesn't matter a whit what I think of it.


i'm related to the gnome issue, i tried contacting travelocity about this they were excited but with national news sponcership they didnt want to keep it up. oh well.

Kelvin Drake

"Character blogs?" Weird, if ya ask me.

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