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matthew podboy

Great post, Kevin. You're point that PR basics still apply is an important one. Too many PR/marketing consultants are looking to leave the basics behind as they jump aboard the Blog bandwagon. Big mistake. It's a new tool for us to use and only works as part of an integrated program/strategy.

jim wilde

Why is it that most of the stuff making it into the news these days is all about blogs concentrated on PR and Marketing junk. I guess I should not be surprised since those PR people have the connections to get their stories published. I'm on the other side of blogging - ideas and innovation. I have a service that I developed using Open Source Software - Ideascape - that is for enterprise blogging but the focus is on ideas, open innovation, and knowledge management. It's got really cool hooks into other services like del.icio.us that takes you on missions of discovery...well beyond the realm of typical business focus. Your readers will want to know that there is more to blogging than PR and Marketing.

Call me naive for thinking that I could get my message out without a PR person. You're so right about having a good PR /Strategist with the right message at the right time in the right place. I am humbled and will continue to learn.

Thank you!

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