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Jeremy Pepper

Useless trivia: I met Chef Boyardee's granddaughter when I lived in LA. We both worked in the same building.

Hey, had to comment because of the photo :)

And, I like the Goofus award name.

Mr. Head

I know GoDaddy got the Goofus award, but aren't they getting the most bang for their 2.4 million now? With Fox pulling their 2nd half ad they are raing awareness of their brand in a category that does not have a clear market leader(assuming viewers know what they do). While bad PR is not ideal, many will use their services because they are top of mind!

kevin dugan

Sure, GoDaddy should be thanking Fox for yanking the ad. But Fox is to credit for the awareness. The network's actions detail the fact that the ad was trash.

So while GoDaddy wins, I'm not sure if I'd want the trophy they are getting. There are plenty of creative ways to get this level of positive buzz vs the questionable stuff they're generating.

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