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Shawn Lea

I've thought the same thing myself! I'm a Sirius subscriber and often hear the song on Sirius, like it and buy it on iTunes. (Which is also why I start screaming every time a news article talks about how people won't buy satellite radio service if they're lugging all of their tunes around in an iPod. I don't think enough attention is being paid on how the services actually feed off each other - and could do so much more directly as you point out.)


I too, own an IPOD and have XM radio in my car. I just recently purchased the XM2Go from Delphi at the CES in Vegas. It allows me to record up to 5 hours of satellite radio songs and then take it portable. You can also hook up a portable antennae and walk or bike with it. It doesn't yet have the function to also be able to download separate music. If it did, it would be perfect. Speaking of having NO grasp, I suggest if you really want to feel silly - go check out the CES and the new technologies around the bend...tough to explain how they work to a consumer. But then again, so was TIVO way back when....

Little Beach

I've heard that Apple has talked to Sirius about a possible partnership. Maybe Steve Jobs can invest some of the $295 mil he earned Q1 into that.

Satellite communication is at it's infancy. The medium is capable of sooo much more. Right now it's just one way audio. Mobile video is coming soon. Honda and XM are in discussions about providing Sat TV in minivans. Then consider two way communication. Directv has this technology already with their broadband internet service. Soon cars will be able to easily access the internet. How cool would it be to be able to buy gas from your car's stereo? It would be easy to do. The players just have to get together and make it happen.

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