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luc Champagne

To whom it may concern! We have bought a new beetle GLS, all equip, whit leather, and all power equipements, and we paid a lot of money for it. I don't know what went true our mind when we bought this expensive car from your CRAPY compagny. WE never own a car and we never thought a compagny can built a car whit so much problems. Everything went wrong on this car : remotes controls, wireing, engine (90,000Km) electrical system, brakes, suspension, sterring, rust, over heating, leather, plastic in they interior, trims, doors, bad odors, head lights, brake lights, spoiler and so on. Since my wife and I are Doctors, we told every one we know about your crapy cars, and we know a lot of peoples. This is such an urealable vehicule and we never knew when it was going to fail, that we GAVE the car in a trade-in. All our life, we are going to give YOUR COMPAGNY bad, very BAD advertising for your product and your CRAPY SERVICES. WE LOST a lot of money, time, efforts, and we are NEVER going to buy ANY of your product again...And belive us we have big families and NO ONE will ever buy your CRAPY CARS EVER...

If we had time to spare we would have sue you because this is unexplicable to built CRAPY CARS and have such a CRAPY SERVICE and WARRENTY.

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