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Do you think their sole reason for creating the blog was for advertising only?

Kevin Dugan

Joe: Not at all, which is why it is getting great reviews.

In a PR Week article, the GM team noted they were looking to get into a dialogue around the product specifics - more steak than sizzle.

I think that is key to any well-read blog.


People that think they know the full potential of blogs probably don't... the people that do, read this and smile.


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The reason I created my blog was to help people have more fun with my site, instead of all business, it give the people visiting my site a reason to come back, both of my main sites feature their blogs.

You have to give people a reason to return to your site, other then just business advertising, if you alow people to interact with your site, it makes the whole experience more fun for the visitor.

If a person feels like their a part of your site, or they have a say so, no matter how limited it gives them a reason to return, and a blog let's readers comment on your articles and let their opinion be heard.

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