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Kevin Dugan

b2o updates us on nokia product development: http://tinyurl.com/5sx5m


Nokia sorta has a blog - The Feature (www.thefeature.com).

On the about page: Although TheFeature is owned by Nokia, the Espoo, Finland-based manufacturer of technologies for mobile communications, the opinions expressed herein are solely those of its writers and content providers, and are not official statements by Nokia or any of its business partners or affiliates. The TheFeature staff and its content partners are committed to editorial independence and to the openness of its forums. We think you'll enjoy your time exploring mobility on TheFeature, and that it will be time well spent.

So, they blog on greater issues than just Nokia. It's a great read if you have clients in the wireless / mobile arena, and I like that Nokia isn't just cheerleading, but looking to improve the space.

Kevin Dugan

Jeremy - Duly noted. I was afraid that may be the case when I posted, hence my disclaimer. While I could change the headline to Nokia woke up and blogged, I'll merely note I agree with your take. Focusing on the space does more for their thought leadership overall. And it is interesting to note how they are being subtle about the project.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Heather Carle

I think you aren't seeing RSS on cell phones because WAP services that feed news headlines already exist ...


Wouldn't is mean more bandwidth would be being used by phones with RSS?

a1200 is Rocks

thanks for the post!


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