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I found myself simultaneously watching the talking heads give their theories and my real-time Twitter search feed online. Was more engaged with the Twitter conversation as well. I think that is becoming more true in today's atmosphere. Great piece.

Bustor Williams

Twitter and technology is the answer for the new age information requirements.If you have the internet working you can connect with the rest of the world and get to know what you needed to. There is no looking back on this and it is needless to say that internet will one day lead us to a 'standard' style of managing local national and international issues across countries and continents.Probably we would make our voices heard and hear their voices if we started talking and moving towards each other to make the world of tomorrow :)

Melissa H

Although Twitter and other technologies can provide information surprisingly quickly and effortlessly,it can be harmful when the right information is not communicated correctly. Information will be polluted in a mess of people sharing information that isn't correct or doesn't quite match up right. We definitely shouldn't rely on Twitter for everything no matter how useful it appears to be.



Thanks for this. I too was mesmerized by the oncoming information of this tragedy. Being a Texan, and graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, it held a bit of special meaning for me.

I would also like to thank you for finally giving me a reason that Twitter lists would be useful, beyond just organizing my own followers.

Public Relations

Twittter and technology is so popular nowdays ,i see many infromation from other blog or website. if you want to know more information ,we can share the information with each other. we definitely needn't depend on Twitter for everythin no matter how important it appears to be.

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