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Desperate is the key word here. You bring up a good point in this post about how standing out can be ineffective if people don't remember what your booth was about in the first place. I'm all for a little bit of "edgy" now and then, but too often, it seems edgy overtakes plain common sense. I think this is one of those cases.

Stuart Noton

I'm not sure they were desperate - they are after all one of the biggest names in their industry. I suspect this probably started out as a reasonably good idea, then simply got taken too far, to the point where the "campaign" overtook the product, and definitely for the wrong reasons. Still, no-one can deny it generated a lot of ink, and quite a few blog-inches too. I wonder how many people looked into the game EA were promoting as a result of all the fuss, compared to how many have made a conscious decision NOT to purchase it as a result of all the fuss?


Controversy is one of those things that the brain remembers extremely well. EA will probably experience an increase in sales after this due to the increase in brand recognition.

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