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Thank you for being involved Kevin and for helping spread the word.

Jeremy Pepper

I read the same HARO request, and it bothered me because I could not figure out if she was doing it for her blog or for the PR firm she works at - and it was a astroturf campaign to get others to write about it.

But, I'm cynical that way.


And just when I thought the internet was only about connecting semi-clad bodies in one form or another, someone comes through to show how powerful connections can truly be. Well done!

Xav de Matos

The power of social media has the ability to present ideas to people who may have never been able to see them before. While major corporations pump billions into advertising their products or mission the new wave of media - social media - is the next evolution in word of mouth advertising.

Traditionally people hate to be advertised to but in the world of social media it's possible that a campaign for awareness, like Tara Met's Blog, can affect people on a more personal level. Community and user customization is the crux of social media and if users are able to learn about a problem in their comfortable social bubble the mission and ideals of a campaign have a better chance of making them pay attention.

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