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Monica St. James

Aren't all conversations, by definition, interactive?

Kevin Dugan

Monica - LOL, I guess a one-sided question would not be too interactive. But the first-half of the headline is kind of a joke. The blogger dinner was just that, dinner. We talked about politics, media and some social media as well.

Colin McKay

Wow. Would it be rude of me to point out the predominant demographic at that table?

Kevin Dugan

Colin - As a proud member of the Facebook Group, The W List, I would encourage you to do so.


And I would point anyone reading this to this wiki for a full list of Woman bloggers: http://wmagicallist.wikispaces.com/


I'm with Colin. The lack of women is the first thing I noticed about your photo. Though there is one woman toward the back of the group.

Albany Trade Show Exhibits

What predominant demographic? I don't notice anything.

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