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Gavin Heaton

Congrats, Kevin! Five years! That has got to be a lifetime in blog years!

Kevin Dugan

Thanks Gavin. The .pdf is forthcoming!

Mack Collier

Congrats Kevin, enjoy your Blogging B-Day Cake!

Neville Hobson

Congrats, Kevin. Heck of a job to add a link to each individual letter of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Three times! The mark of total immersion ;)

Valeria Maltoni


An "i", you shouldn't have ;-) I love that photograph. It reminds me of these big tortoises that were in the park I went to with my mom when I was little. I think these is even a photo of me on one of them somewhere. They were in the middle of a fountain that sometimes had not water in it so you could get to them.


Patrick Schaber

Wow! Five years is quite a milestone! Nice work, Kevin. I hope you have another 5 years of success. It would have taken me five years to link all those letters. :)

Ann Handley

Sincere, congrats, Kevin! In blog years, you are now officially approaching middle-age... but with a very young heart, of course.

Nicely done.

Todd And

Holy Coffee Cake! People have been blogging for that long!? Congrats! In dog blog years, that's 35!

Todd And

Holy Coffee Cake! People have been blogging for that long!? Congrats! In dog blog years, that's 35!

scott baradell

What was it like to blog on stone tablets??

Guillaume du Gardier

Congrats Kevin, you've done a great job these last 5 years, hat tip for the amazing "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" ! Best from Paris.

Todd Defren

Five years. Wow. I was pretty excited and impressed with myself when I hit Year #3 last month, but FIVE YEARS is a long time, and you are to be heartily congratulated, Mr. Dugan. Not just for the longevity (read: "sticktoitiveness"), but for being able to come up with GREAT CONTENT for that entire time.

Kevin Dugan

Actually Scott - We referenced/linked to the McGuffy reader and used chalk on slate. Luckily a one room schoolhouse encouraged conversation. So by the time we ventured into Mankato to pick up supplies, the comments really picked up.

Kevin Dugan

Thanks everyone.

Todd? WOOF!

Valeria - Flickr rules.

Ann - The headline "Social Network Midlife Crisis" suddenly comes to mind for an article.

Neville - It is a bit of a link love orgy so to speak. OPML files, a scrap of old school HTML code and a ton of cutting and pasting, but it was worth it in the end. Any other way I could have linked to that many people would have been a visual nightmare.

Geoff Livingston

Way to go, Kevin! That's an impressive achievement, demonstrating commitment and long-term value to the marketplace. Thank you!

Derrick Daye

What a milestone! Looking forward to your next 5.


Derrick Daye

What a milestone! Looking forward to your next 5.


Kami Huyse

Congratulations Kevin, Blogging is more like running a marathon than a sprint and your staying power is evidence that your ideas are excellent and appreciated by your many fans. Keep running the race :-)

David Armano

Five years! WOW!!!!

That's great new Kevin. Congrats and best of luck on the next five years.

Tom Murphy


Congratulations... jeez the years are just slipping past.

Thanks for your common sense, insight and knowledge


Paul McEnany

Holy hell? Five years? Are you sure the internet existed back then? :)

Octavio Isaac Rojas Orduña

Congrats, Kevin!

Great work so far!!

Mike Manuel

A belated congrats, Mr. Dugan, you're my ambassador of PR blogger kwan;)

Phil Gomes

Good job, dude! Now that we're just states away, perhaps we'll meet finally?

Kevin Dugan

Tom & Phil - You two deserve some 5 year plus thanks/attention as well since you were both blogging before me.

That said, Phil, we have fewer and fewer excuses. I think I have a conference in your neck of the woods next year. So worst case...

Mike - The only Jerry quote I can think of right now is Show me the Money...but it doesn't really apply. Would "you had me at hello" be too weird? Probably.

Piers Fawkes


damn. now i see all the other comments, I realise that your site is not just my little secret. :)

Account Deleted

X. I love it.

Congrats on the birthday/anniversary.

Account Deleted

X. I love it.

Congrats on the birthday/anniversary.

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