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I'm not sure Careerbuilder is ready for this, on two fronts:

1) Is there anyone there screening the videos, and approving them? The last thing the company needs is people linking to crappy vid-resumes as jokes.

2) Server bandwidth. Careerbuilder scaled up about four or five years ago to take on Monster.com, and had a great IT and database group. Many of those DB gurus were passively pushed aside to cut costs, and replaced with lesser techs who could maintain, but weren't architecture savvy. I don't know they've gotten smart about the load these videos will create on their systems.

Matt McNair

In response to the comment above.

1. We will allow Job Poster's to flag videos as inappropriate. This is more of a reactive approach as opposed to a proactive approach. If it becomes an issue, then we will up our screening of videos.

2. I'd rather not reveal the inner workings of our company, but the load will be handled just fine.

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