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Mike Keliher

Aren't these "playlists" just like folders? And doesn't just about every feed reader have them?

Or maybe I'm spoiled as a new user of Google Reader? I just switched from using Firefox live feeds, which was GREAT for scanning headlines but required a lot of right-click-then-open-in-a-new-tab-and-navigate-back-to-where-you-were-within-your-feeds-folder to actually read stuff. Google Reader seems great so far. My only beef is that it occasionally - rarely - finds "no items" in a feed - like that of podcastingnews.com.

Kevin Dugan

Mike: I suspected the same thing after reading the initial overview. But it really is more than that. You have a separate page for each playlist. So when I am in my work playlist, every unrelated feed disappears.

Plus it serves up these feeds differently in playlists. In addition to the edited feed table of contents list in the left hand column, the playlist serves them up in the main screen with recent posts beneath each feed. When I am not in playlist, I can only view one feed in the main screen at a time. Even when multiple feeds are in a folder, you must scroll through them in order. Playlists make it much easier to get through multiple feeds at once.

You mentioned the "no feeds" factor in Google. I've noticed this in MyYahoo before.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mike Keliher

Interesting. I've always heard good things about Bloglines, but Google Reader is just so simple and effective, it just makes sense. I suppose Bloglines (and probably others) are great, too, but with so many players in the field of RSS readers, I'd like to find one and settle down for a while.

Keep up the good work, Kevin. I really enjoy this and the Bad Pitch Blog.

Kevin Dugan

Mike: Thanks for the feedback.

One item benefitting Bloglines, Google and other readers are the switching costs involved with moving to a new feed reader. If you have 100 or more feeds, or have used a feed reader for more than six months, I suspect folks would be reticent to move due to the effort required.

Google's interface is slick...much easier and more intuitive than Yahoo's. I am at a point where I want to close my current account and start fresh so I can completely reorganize. I was debating doing this on another platform, but between playlists and the pain in switching 175 feeds, I will probably not move elsewhere.

I visited your site and saw the podcast, I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Eric Eggertson


I've been shopping around for a new feed reader lately. This may entice me to stay with BlogLines for another few months.

In checking out other feed readers, I created an OPML file of my subscriptions, then imported it into the reader I was trying out. I don't remember what I used for OPML creation - I think I just clicked on Help in BlogLines, and followed the links.

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