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» lonelygirl15's Real Identity is Ferreted Out from WebMetricsGuru
Yesterday I posted on LonelyGirl15 Fake Viral Markeing - Who Is Lonelygirl15?- Ok, wefound out more aboutwho LonelyGirl15 is. It would appear that lonelygirl15 is not so lonely. Futurelab brings us the scoop that she is actually the b... [Read More]


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I don't know, at least Lonelygirl15 is attractive and likeable - maybe she should have hosted RocketBoom. Who even remembers Rocketboom anymore?


I actually got an interview with lonelygirl15 before all the crap hit the, check it http://topoftube.blogspot.com

Lonny Paul

I knew about the guy from Shoutboy a week ago and it's on the news tonight?

How lame!


Kevin Dugan

Lonny - Tons of stories start on blogs and break a week or so later into mainstream media.

Is it lame or does it mean you're ahead of the game?

CikGu naim

I also don't know, but at least Lonelygirl15 is attractive and beutiful,aha..

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