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» Marketing to Avatards in Second Life from Canuckflack
I have my reservations about jumping on the Second Life bandwagon, just like Kevin and Darren. It's still too early to bet the farm on a platform whose market size may equal that of U.S. Saab drivers. (no matter what the projections for 2008 may say) M... [Read More]


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Heh, good one: http://www.capulet.com/weblog/darren/be-wary-of-avatar-based-marketing.

Owen Lystrup

Thank you for posting this.

We should create a release that says something like:

CYBERSPACE, Nowhere-- August 3, 2006 -- SecondLife, a first-to-market product that simulates "real life" online, announced today that it is excited to help "normal" people distance themselves from reality, from family members and friends and to waste real money on intangible, useless products like outfits for simulated characters that look nothing like real people. The product also provides a way for people to ignore reality and refuse to deal with anything important happening in the world by being immersed in a world of mindless morons.

I'm still kicking around the language a bit. I tried to include all the cliches I could. I think "collaborative" should be in there somewhere.

Georg Kolb

Dear pragmatists (Kevin, Darren, Canuckflack),
It’s always good to listen to the voice of those who aren’t blinded by the hype. Let me just clarify what Text 100’s move to SL is about. We don’t go there because of its current reach. Of course, we know the numbers on Darren’s post. That might change in the future, though, since we are also aware of the prediction that there might be 3.5 m SL residents in a year from now (http://reuben.typepad.com/reuben_steigers_weblog/2006/07/how_many_people.html ). But again, currently we are not there for the reach. We are there because we see it as the next stage in the evolution of peer-to-peer media like blogs, wikis, social networks and other online forums. We know from social networks like MySpace how people love to communicate and create content on them. Second Life is adding a new dimension to this dynamic since it’s in 3-D.
We view it as an emerging new public we need to understand first hand and based on this experience advise our clients how/if it can support their business. It is still early days, but we are sure it presents a couple of interesting opportunities to our clients and ourselves. E.g. we can enrich the experience of online meetings, be it an internal training or a press conference. And we can give some customer engagements a new quality based on the interactive 3-D environment SL provides. E.g. I find it fascinating that designers (e.g. of a house) can co-create new designs with their customers and offer them a 3-D experience before they are built in real life. So, let me close by addressing Kevin’s questions: we are not in SL to recreate the real world experience. We are there to do things we can’t do elsewhere. And for the time being, we don’t go there to increase customer engagement by quantitative measures, but it is our intention to bring a new dimension to it. I hope this makes more sense?
Best regards,
Georg Kolb

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