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The day I start this blog to blog about new media and marketing I stumble upon great fodder for an entry, fantastic! Music history was made a few weeks ago (yeah I know Im late) when Artic Monkeys (gotta love that name), a band from Sheffield... [Read More]

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Business Week has this helpful, broadranging, article about social networking sites (think MySpace, Buzz-Oven, Xanga, Classface, PhotoBucket, FaceBook) and their relationships with the commercial world. I particularly liked the comments from the young ... [Read More]

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[Source: Strategic Public Relations] quoted: The BusinessWeek article on the MySpace generation left out a very important example of how online communities and mp3 downloads are changing the face of music. The band Arctic Monkeys quietly made history w... [Read More]


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Colin McKay

*cough* *cough*


Toronto's NOW Magazine on the breakthrough by the Arctic Monkeys:

"What makes the Monkeys' feat even more impressive is that their quick rise to the top occurred without the conventional "hookers 'n' blow" promotional strategy or having hordes of street team members buy up mass quantities of their single from chart-reporting shops.
The press, radio and television were almost circumvented entirely in the group's audience-building process. MuchMusic recently declined an offer to interview the band. The Arctic Monkeys are the first real breakthrough act of the download era."

As befits any "breakthrough act," Arctic Monkeys are on MySpace.

Posted by Colin at November 11, 2005 01:47 PM

Kevin Dugan

OK, so I'm a month behind. But I attributed my sources correctly. I saw the PSFK post a week prior to yours. I missed yours completely which I blame on the less than straightfoward title.


BEATLES...ok yes their gods ..changed the world .their music sounds great when your stoned..or not BUT everyone get with it ,,richard hydell and wrecked are making music just as good and they have a lot to say about war ,,,parents their sending your girls to die now ...lets get back to making changg....please get over it and HELP.....richard WWW.WRECKEDBAND.COM




Excellent coment about high speed internet access because it is the future of internet technology.

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Today I think youtube is a bit more successful in making new stars compared to myspace

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