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Jeremy Pepper

Interesting concept, but one thing comes to mind: did those companies pay to be in the store, a somewhat pay for play concept?

Kevin Dugan

I'm with ya, but Wired has more to lose than anyone. The strength of the brands in the store help the concept build buzz. I suspect Wired begged them to participate.

Then again, knowing publishers, they may have charged. Someone needs to visit the store and weigh in.

Mike Bawden


This is a nice analysis of the Wired concept store. I've added it to Tuesday's "Much Ado About Marketing" blog (11/08).

As I noted in my reference post, it will be interesting to see the over-all impact concepts like "pop-up" retail have on brands like Wired. Is the buzz and short-term interest worth the investment or does it, in effect, contribute to the clutter of the marketplace and make the brand message all the more convoluted?

Please visit this topic again and I'll be sure to hit it again on "Much Ado ..."


Mike Bawden
Brand Central Station

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