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» iPod Phone To Fuel Citizen Marketing? from IF
Kevin Dugan has an interesting post this morning that suggests that a new iPod cellphone will expand citizen marketing. He quotes Pete Blackshaw research noting that white ear buds signal a CGM-savvy audience: iPodders have more CGM tools in their... [Read More]

» New iPod Cellphone Will Expand Citizen Marketing from Gadgetism.org
[Source: Strategic Public Relations] quoted: This story started online earlier this week at Apple Insider. Apple and Motorola will need to answer some questions regarding downloading and storing songs on the phones. The iPod pennies per songR... [Read More]

» Steve Jobs: "Podcasting is taking off like a rocket." from Strategic Public Relations
Steve Jobs' introduction of Apple's new Rokr and Nano is now available online. He reveals some interesting factoids on iTunes and iPods. I've reposted them here to underscore the importance of communicators' considering how/if these two fast-emerging, ... [Read More]

» mobile phones with free gifts from mobile phones with free gifts
Most people don't know they can get a valuable free gift with their next mobile phone... all from a name you can trust... Tesco! Don't go direct to a UK network when free Wii's, HDTV's, Laptops, Playstations and much more. All above board and from Tesco! [Read More]


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Great post - I actually just came across this today after posting on a similar idea yesterday upon Apple's release of the iPod Nano. It is definitely interesting to note this trend toward consumer generated marketing messages, from the high profile example of the nike video spot from Tiger Wood's "hanging shot" through to the recent examples you noted of the iTunes phone, and the concepts for the iPod Nano from my post.


hahahahaha yeah right the iphone allready came out hahahahahahahahahah

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