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James Cherkoff

Here's my pitch - Blogs and related technology allow you to easily create your own media which means you don't have to deal with journalists ever again!

Jeremy Pepper

James, don't be too blog-centric! Blogs are direct and open conversations.

I never really liked the elevator pitch - it's too dotcom'esque for me, and was for people that couldn't give me 60 seconds to further explain a concept. And, is it about blogs, or should it be an elevator pitch on RSS itself? RSS content, not just blogs?

Kevin Dugan

James - If it weren't for media, who in the heck would we link to?! We need them more than ever.

Jeremy - While the elevator speech grew up in California, it was in Hollywood, well South of silicon valley. I know that does not make the speech any more appealing to you, but the dot com boom cannot claim this one.

Jeremy Pepper

LOL - okay, point well taken, and I have to follow it up with a story.

When I was getting ready to move to NY for the PR firm for work, in a meeting my NY/NY living in LA boss decides to school me on subway etiquette. His comment was "don't talk to people on the subway, treat it like you are in the elevator."

My colleague starts cracking up, and says "Jeremy talks to people in elevators all the time."

Hey, they're captive audiences.


Blogs are the best of both worlds: a cheap means of getting interactive feedback from your customer base, and a great way re-direct search engines to the messages you want people to hear first.

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